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This is Fish Simulator, a two player game where fish race to escape from their tanks. It was built with Parsec and Unity, so it supports online multiplayer.

What’s in the game?

  • Added a jumping mechanic where players can control their fish to jump from tank to tank. The ultimate goal for them is to escape from the tanks, go down the pipe in the toilet, and into the ocean! 
  • Removed life limit on players.
  • Smoothed out fish movements.
  • Heavily nerfed dashing, making it consume energy.
  • Added background music and sound effects.
  • Made the game multiplayer and split-screen using Parsec (requires Windows 10 to host a game).
  • Switched to keyboard controls for movement, due to technical issues with Parsec. We originally had mouse controls.
  • Added deep-ocean and beach-themed tanks.
  • Added a toilet bowl as the escape point, reminiscent of Nemo’s escape in Finding Nemo.  
  • Added small AI sea creatures like minnows and shrimp that players can eat.
  • Animated main fish swimming and flopping
  • Polished jumping physics
  • Balanced tank placement
  • Added in game events
    • Polluted Tank Event
    • Increased Food Spawning Event
  • Added Scene transitions
  • Added a table for the tanks to sit on
  • Changed to horizontal split screen
  • Bug fixes
  • New Game Event: The Cat!
    • A cat will try and grab the fish once in a while. Mash the arrow keys to escape its clutches!
  • Sharks!
  • Added a new nature themed tank
  • Added a shark themed tank
  • Added an oyster
    • Holds a pearl, which is very nutritious (counts as a higher valued food)
  • More Balance Changes
    • Overall fish speed increased
    • Tanks are much larger now (including the tutorial screen)
    • Food spawns a little more often, as do the obstacles
  • Added a better background, with some nice art that should give players a hint of where to go.
  • Fixed Parsec crashing bug
  • Added squid to ink event, which reduces player energy
  • Added a cutscene that shows where all the tanks are
  • Added a cutscene for the game ending
  • Updated oyster sprite and collider box
  • Updated hue of second player
  • Made game events target a player based on a negative feedback loop
  • Tutorial has been updated to include more information
  • Pufferfish has been changed to become an enemy fish
  • New title screen
  • More bug fixes

For more information, see our devlogs!

Install instructions

It includes a Windows build, a Mac build, and credits.txt.

The Mac build cannot host Parsec, so it will only work in single player mode. For Windows: Download and unzip the Windows build, and then navigate to the "fishsim" executable. Double click to play!

If you have issues with crashing, try running the game as an administrator (right click the exe, then click "Run As Administrator). Parsec requires several permissions that are sometimes are to configure.

Parsec multiplayer instructions are included in the game.


WindowsGold.zip 41 MB
MacGold.zip 39 MB
credits.txt 2 kB

Development log

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